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Mindfulness, and wellness


Want to lose weight?   Have easy digestion?  Get off processed foods, dairy, or gluten?  

If you've wanted to learn how to cook easy, delicious, healthy meals, search no further.  Marney's coaching includes in-home cooking classes where you'll prepare 7 recipes in 2 hours, and a guided tour of the health food store!  Imagine, a personalized explanation of new items to help you feel your best!

Health coaching twice a month provides the guidance to help you reach your goals.  Together with cooking classes and a guided health food store tour, you have everything you need to create wellness like you've never known before.

Start with mindfulness, and work your wellness from the inside out.

An energetic and youthful 54, Marney White has been following a delicious vegetarian - then vegan - lifestyle since age 25.  Her expertise in wellness has paid off, as she takes no medications.  Making her transition off dairy and eggs in 2013, she easily freed herself from health issues that necessitated 5 daily medications.  

With that said, she is devoted to the concept of "bioindividuality": the fact that there is no one-size-fits-all dietary regimen.  With a common denominator of whole foods, Marney works with her clients to creatively, deliciously meet their individual needs.

Marney is the author of "Healthy Body, Happy Life", and has been a columnist for Total Health for Longevity Magazine. She currently conducts wellness seminars on Long Island.

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