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Nutrition and Wellness Seminars

A biology teacher & Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach explains it all

Your User's Manual: Ever wish your body had a user's manual, explaining how to manage your nutritional needs, and delight your palate?  Demystify getting healthy through simple biology - what does your body need, and how can you get it?  Learn how stress, and stress management strategies, affect your outcomes.  Master the difference between wishes and goals, and achieve!  Valuable wellness resources provided.

Eating the Rainbow: Nutrition, Complete and Delicious - Learn about macro- and micronutrients, their biological functions and benefits, hidden nutritional pitfalls, and where to find satisfying sources of nutrition.  Valuable wellness resources provided.

Fabulous Foods & Your FitBit: Track Your Way to Wellness - Use your FitBit for more than your  Work Week Hustle!  Understand how to use it to monitor and respond to your changing biometrics.  Learn how to set and achieve wellness goals, and improve your health and stress levels, while choosing foods that best serve your bio-individual needs.  Valuable wellness resources provided.

Adaptogens: DIY Tea Blending Class to Lower Your Stress Naturally - Did you know that there are plants that inhibit your stress hormone production, and help you lower your stress naturally? Learn of their benefits and protect your long-term health!  (Seminar may be structured for students to custom-blend their own jar of adaptogenic herbal tea to sample, and take home - materials fee required.)  Reduce waste, and bring your favorite mug.  Valuable wellness resources provided.

The Medicinal Herb Garden: Planting and Preparation

What medicinal herbs thrive in our zone, and how can you prepare them to manage stress, allergies, first aid needs, digestion, and more?  Come find out!  This seminar can be customized to the needs of localities in conjunction with local Seed Libraries or herb farms.  Valuable wellness resources provided.

Epigenetics & Disease: Your Genes are Not Necessarily Your Destiny - Are your genes your absolute destiny?  Learn what the latest peer-reviewed scientific research says about the impact of diet and lifestyle on disease, and genetics.   Valuable wellness resources provided.

Green Your Home: Help Your Family & Our Planet - What are phthalates, and how do they affect you and your family?  What role do common fragrances, household laundry and cleaning products have on allergies, skin disorders, ADHD, migraines and more?  How can you get everything clean, and avoid toxins that pollute our bodies, and waterways?  Valuable wellness resources provided.

Raw "Cooking" Class - Have fun in this hands-on class, creating new, healthy recipes while you learn how they benefit your nutritionally!  Food samples provided, materials fee required.  Bring your favorite chef's knife.  Valuable wellness resources provided.

MARNEY WHITE, M.A., is a biology teacher, Herbalist, and Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.  She is a graduate of Hofstra University, Brooklyn College and the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.  

The author of "Healthy Body, Happy Life", she has written for Total Health for Longevity magazine, and has appeared as a guest wellness expert on The Metro Holistic Show

She loves to share delicious healthy habits with young people young people as director of her school's Culinary Club.

 A life-long student of herbal medicine, Marney is currently pursuing her Registered Herbalist certification. 



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Marney White, M.A., C.I.N.H.C., Herbalist

New York, NY, United States

(917) 499-2744