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Too frequently, we tend to everyone's needs but our own.  Consequently, we suffer from stress-related illnesses such as digestive disorders, insomnia, anxiety, migraines, et cetera.    But we don't have to.  Marney White's wellness seminars address our social-emotional needs in managing life's stresses, and achieving well-being. 


Your User's Manual: Ever wish your body had a user's manual, telling you how to put together your nutrition in a way that met your needs, and delighted your taste buds?  This seminar is it.  This hour-long program reveals simple, practical information on how to get healthier in a realistic, easy-to-implement manner.   The effect of nutrition and stress on wellness and weight management are demystified.  Learn the difference between wishes and goals, and finally achieve what you never thought was possible.

Eating the Rainbow: Nutrition, Complete and Delicious - Learn about macro- and micronutrients, their funcions and benefits, hidden nutritional pitfalls, and where to find satisfying sources of nutrition.  

Fabulous Foods & Your FitBit: Track Your Way to Wellness - Use your FitBit for more than your  Work Week Hustle!  Understand how to use it to monitor and respond to your changing biometrics.  Learn how to set and achieve wellness goals, and improve your health and stress levels. 

Adaptogens: DIY Tea Blending Class to Lower Your Stress Naturally - Did you know that there are plants that inhibit your stress hormone production, and help you lower your stress (and boost your immune system) naturally?  Learn of their benefits, along with mindfulness techniques, that will protect your long-term health!  (Seminar may be structured for students to custom-blend their own jar of adaptogenic herbal tonic tea that they take home with them - materials fee required.)  

Epigenetics & Disease: Your Genes are Not Necessarily Your Destiny - Are your genes your absolute destiny?  Learn what the latest peer-reviewed scientific research have to say about the impact of diet and lifestyle on disease, and genetics. 

Green Your Home: Help Your Family & Our Planet - What are phthalates, and how do they affect you and your family?  What role do household laundry and cleaning products have on allergies, and common skin disorders?  How can you get your house and clothes clean, and avoid toxins that exacerbate allergies, pollute our local waters, and more?  

Raw "Cooking" Class - Have fun in this hands-on class, creating new, healthy recipes while you learn how they benefit your nutritionally!  

New 5-part series "Transformational Digestion: Physical, Emotional, Mental  and Energetic  Flow"

This  seminar is team-taught with Karen Heitner, LMT and JSJ Practitioner.  In 5 weekly 75-minute sessions,  the physical, mental, emotional and energetic aspects (according to Traditional Chinese Medicine) of digestion are explained and discussed among students.  A physical movement/flexibility/stretching aspect is also incorporated.   During our learning segment on adaptogens, students will custom-blend a medicinal herb tea tonic, as our gift.  Student workbook/resource book provided. 

MARNEY WHITE, M.A., is a  licensed biology teacher, Nutritionist, Herbalist and Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.  She is a graduate of Brooklyn College and the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.  As the author of  "Healthy Body, Happy Life", she has written for Total Health for Longevity magazine, and has appeared as a guest expert on The Metro Holistic Show.   Introducing young people to life-long healthy  eating habits as well as nutritional information, Ms. White also runs the Culinary Club at the Brooklyn school where she teaches science.


Marney White, science teacher, Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
Marney White, science teacher, Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Seminar Testimonials

Marney White Seminar feedback:

  • "Boy was I eager and excited that Ms. White was doing a presentation about mindfulness.  Her demonstration of the finger holds for stress relief was enlightening.  Ms. White's (seminar) was both encouraging and well-received."  Sonia Medina, Para Professional
  • "I liked learning about the EWG's Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen.  I never knew!"
  • "I found the discussion about protein, and good vs. harbful carbs informative." 
  • "I loved learning about the benefits of dark green leafy veggies, and the effects of cortisol from stress."
  • "The workshop was very organized and informative.  It gave us useful strategies that we can utilize in and out of the classroom."
  • "Marney White's de-stressing workshop brought a new aura to our school.  I observed that, before the workshop, people were stressed on so many levels....  After Marney unleashed techniques, it has brought a more peaceful aura to our workplace.  As for me, I was reminded to use some techniques I had long abandoned."  Carlos Castro, Science Teacher
  • "Macros explained - great!"
  • "As teachers, it goes without saying that we constantly feel some kind of stress....  However, we often don't know how to handle that stress....  The Mindfulness for the Classroom presentation provided me with strategies to help cope with stress.  Specifically, I was taught ways to incorporate finger holds and breathing techniques to manage daily stress.  I loved these two methods because they're simple and can literally be incorporated AS I'M TEACHING!!  After utilizing these strategies, I realized that the students benefit as well because I can better tackle issues as they arise - a less stressed teacher = a happier classroom, and happier students!  The (seminar) was beyond appreciated - I can't wait until the next one to see what else I can do to cope with my daily stressors! " - Matthew Bashore, Social Studies Teacher
  • "Now I know about good carbs vs. bad carbs!"
  • "I came away with great ideas for how to beat sugar cravings!"
  • "I'm constantly on a diet and I learned I am eating the wrong types of foods."
  • "Marney explained a very interesting stress management technique....I found(this) very valuable for the staff and students who have used it...because (many of) our students need to learn how to more positively de-stress through their mind-body connection...this was useful for teachers as well .... This technique can be useful when we find ourselves in high-anxiety situations.  It made me realize how important it is to connect my feelings and thoughts.  The handouts she provided were another useful resource that were greatly appreciated! "
  • "The recipe ideas were helpful, (and so was) the suggestion to schedule...relaxation."
  • "I found the goal setting information helpful."
  • "My mother-in-law was in your (Raw Cooking) class Wednesday night...she was telling me about it and how wonderful you are...."

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