Testimonials (Non-Seminar: see Seminars page for more testimonials.)

Amanda -  "I contacted Marney right before I had my baby....  Marney is very good at what she does and I could not be happier with the coaching I received.  Over the past two years I have lost 87 lbs.  I have made a total lifestyle change with Marney's help.  Her guidance and cooking classes were amazing through the whole process.  She was always there for every question I had at a moment's notice."

Robert - "I count on the excellent advice of Herbaceous in order to live a more healthy, delicious, and centered life.  Marney White's extensive experience with all aspects of wellness makes Herbaceous my go-to source for health coaching!" 

Sandra - "I reached out to Marney for chronic inflammation and weight loss.  Her coaching introduces me to family-friendly recipes we all love, and I'm learning about foods and healthy strategies that are finally working for me.  Marney gives me the support I need to reach my goals."

Aleksandra -  I absolutely love the custom blended essential oil body butter.    It leaves my skin feeling smooth and refreshed for hours...and it also smells amazing!  I use it...on my face, neck, hands and feet.  Marney's body butter helps my skin so much, and it makes me feel better too!  I also use Young Living essential oils every day to help me with any aches I might have."

Carlos - "My hands are beat up from contracting work, and I've tried everything to get rid of eczema on my hands too.  This body butter got rid of the eczema and all of the roughness."

Ann -  "I love Herbaceous body butter.  I put it on my face before bedtime, and it has kept my skin smooth, moist and hydrated through the winter!"

Esther - "I absolutely love Marney's body butter.  I used it for the first time in my initial journey of using natural products, and I immediately became a big fan, and am hooked on this butter.  The texture and consistency are - best word - lovely.  It makes my body soft and smooth to the touch, and it lasts all day long....  Marney has the right combination of ingredients and she must add a whooping amount of love and attention to get it just RIGHT all the time.  This body butter is the best on the market. "

Jaslyn -  "The best toner ever!"

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